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As a member-driven trade association of REALTORS®, the District of Columbia Association of REALTORS® (DCAR) supports elected officials who represent our mission to protect and promote homeownership. One of our greatest advantages is having members in all eight wards, which gives us the ability to work closely with every Councilmember.

Homeowners have benefited from the Council’s work over the past year, namely securing a first-time homebuyer tax benefit and exempting single-family homes from the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA). We are proud to say many of the candidates we have previously endorsed have gone on to champion these vital initiatives.

When DCAR’s REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) interviewed candidates for the 2018 Democratic Primary Election, the conversations were thoughtful and deliberative. Our endorsement decisions were met with strong consensus; you can read about them here.

Ward 1 was complicated. Four years ago, we celebrated when Councilmember Nadeau emerged victorious in her long-shot race over then incumbent, Jim Graham. This year, we strongly deliberated the value of four more years of Councilmember Nadeau at the helm of Ward 1.

We were hopeful she would chart a new course distinctly different from her predecessor, and there have been occasions in which she has shown promise. However, Councilmember Nadeau’s lack of focus on the cost of homeownership and efforts to weaken the TOPA legislation remain difficult issues to reconcile. TOPA rules were onerous, outdated and far too often hand-tied homeowners at excessive time and cost from selling their homes.

DCAR RPAC dutifully vetted the three other candidates in this year’s Ward 1 race, and their enthusiasm to serve Ward 1 was clear. Unfortunately, their goals for the Ward do not align with ours at this time.

Above all, DCAR is committed to affordable housing and homeownership throughout the District. To that end, although we will not be financially endorsing Councilmember Nadeau, we will continue to work with and support her as she strives to meet the homeownership needs of her Ward 1 constituents.

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