DCAR has two primary committees, both comprised of volunteer members of the Association, with different but related goals. The Public Policy Committee deals with legislation and regulations in the District; the Outreach/Events Committee communicates with membership and the public to further the objectives of the Association.

Each committee meets officially once a month in DC, and members are expected to be active in the Association’s work. In exchange, those members are able to express their interests to the rest of the committee, and the DCAR Board of Directors.

How to Join

Applications are closed for 2018. Please check back later for 2019 applications.

The application process is fairly straightforward, and interested members are welcome and encouraged to apply to both committees when applications reopen. Any questions may be directed to contact@dcrealtors.org.

More information on each committee is available below.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee deals with pending legislation, possible future legislation and standing laws that might be subject to revision. This committee works directly with Government Affairs Director Katalin Peter, and it shapes DCAR’s official stance on many crucial issues, including hefty matters of recent interest such as the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Benefit and TOPA.

The Committee worked through several nuances of each issue, such as what an acceptable percentage of Area Median Income (AMI) threshold for the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Benefit would be and what the ideal fix for TOPA would be. Other regulations and restrictions are frequently discussed, and few individuals in the city are more in touch with real estate legislation than DCAR’s Public Policy Committee.

Members also have access to DC Council hearings, and they are occasionally called upon to testify in front of the Council on behalf of DCAR.

Outreach/Events Committee

The Outreach/Events Committee helps organize major events, such as happy hours, advocacy efforts at the Wilson Building, community service activities, networking events and other calls to action. This committee works with Communications Specialist Bryan Frantz, and it helps develop the Association’s brand while reaching out to DCAR’s nearly 3,000 members.

Outreach/Events Committee members help bring less-involved members into the DCAR fold, and they play a vital role in communicating the Association’s message to the membership. They are asked to join in office visits around the District to help promote DCAR, and members must be socially active and well-versed on the Association’s history, goals and policies. Designing promotional items for events, organizing activities and working directly with the membership are some of the committee’s most important tasks, and committee members serve as a liaison between the staff and the membership. They also work with the GCAAR Events Committee and the Association’s events team.