April 2021

Exemption to the eviction moratorium

Through our call for action and targeted grassroots lobbying, the D.C. Council passed Councilmember Anita Bonds’ emergency legislation, on a 12-1 vote, allowing evictions for health and safety purposes. The legislation is now on Mayor Muriel Bowser’s desk, where we expect she will soon sign it into law.


Pausing an increase in license fee renewals

The D.C. Real Estate Commission was on a path toward adopting a $60 license fee renewal increase when DCAR organized a call for action (CFA) to oppose the increase – with eye-popping results.

307 DCAR members participated in the CFA and emailed the Commission in protest, asking why this was being adopted during a public health emergency. DCAR members also crowded the virtual room at the April 13 commission meeting to make our association’s presence known. As a result, the Commission walked back the $60 increase.


Your voice makes a difference

We can’t stress enough how pivotal call-for-action campaigns are to advocacy efforts. The last two CFAs are testaments to how quickly DCAR members can mobilize. We urge you to continue to pay close attention when we activate campaigns—it’s a call to arms to protect our industry and we need your help! Thank you for everything you continue to do to support the issues that matter most to you.


DCAR members out in front

March Madness isn’t reserved for basketball fans only. At the D.C. Council, March is packed with performance oversight hearings, which help the Council make budget decisions for the following fiscal year, that last well into the evening. In total, DCAR provided comments at six separate hearings. We want to recognize and thank the members that represented DCAR: President Fred Bates, Anthony Graham, Bonnie Roberts-Burke and Jean Poitevien (who waited for nine hours to testify!).

Office of Planning testimony

DCRA oversight testimony


March 2021

Testifying in the District of Columbia

DCAR testified in the recent D.C. Council government oversight hearings that small housing providers need help and need more resources to help navigate the web of new and existing regulations. Take a look at the testimony from March 5 and March 9.