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D.C. officials announced last week that more than $143 million, or 70 percent, of the $200 million federal rent relief money had been dispersed to D.C. residents. Under federal guidelines, D.C. was at risk of losing the funds if enough weren’t distributed before the end of September.

The results are a solid win for DCAR members. Since StayDC’s rollout, DCAR has promoted the valuable resource available to small housing providers and tenants. DCAR members have participated in the program and helped to educate their fellow community members about the application process. DCAR’s outreach, along with that of city officials and other organizations, has ensured much-needed funds are reaching those in the District who need help and ensured that we don’t lose pivotal federal dollars in D.C.

Information about D.C.’s eviction moratorium, including a timeline of when the rollbacks will occur, is available on DCAR’s Small Housing Provider page.

If you are a small housing provider and need help making ends meet, or if you know someone who’s behind on rent and utility bills, help is available through the STAYDC program. Call 833-4-STAYDC (78-2932) or visit

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