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*Tuesday Tidbits is back this week after a one-week hiatus, which was used to focus on TOPA. If you missed all the TOPA updates, check out our wrapup of the hearing here.*

Here at DCAR, we want to make your jobs easier. That’s why we’ve started up our Tuesday Tidbits series, a weekly email that will provide you with a useful, relevant piece of information that will hopefully come in handy as you work. If you missed any of the previous editions, those are archived here.

Much of the information we use in these emails comes from the National Association of REALTORS® resources RealtorMag and HouseLogic. We encourage you to browse through their content for other useful tips.

The Power of Social Media

You’re probably on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or maybe some combination of the four, or possibly others. Maybe you use those platforms for personal reasons, or maybe you post some of your listings there. But you could (and should) be using social media for so much more, and it can be a major tool for your business.

Social Media as a Real Estate Tool

The numbers are incredible: 700 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month, and one billion tweets are posted each week. So how can you stand out in that crowd, and do so in a way that positively promotes your business?

For starters, mix up your posts! If your entire digital advertising strategy is simply posting your listings, you’re only going to appeal to people looking to purchase a home at that moment. That’s only a fraction of your potential customer base!

In addition to posting listings, add in some facts about the market as it currently stands. We offer two market reports each month on our website, and you can find plenty of useful information to share there.

You can also share periodic tips for buyers and/or sellers. Some of our Tuesday Tidbits would work well for this (here’s an example of one that would work), and there are countless resources available through NAR.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re giving everybody in your audience a reason to pay attention to what you post.

“If a REALTOR® really wants to engage followers, they need to post less about listings and become a true local area resource,” says one survey respondent. “If clients see them as an expert, their sphere of influence will grow.”

For more tips on how to turn social media into a tool for your business, check out the link below.

There are so many apps these days, it’s an exercise in futility trying to keep up with them all. However, it’s important to make sure you don’t get left behind, and many of these apps are definitely worth knowing about.


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