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History has been made!

The DC Council on Tuesday voted in favor of passing Bill 22-0315, which exempts single-family homes from TOPA legislation — some exceptions are made for elderly (62 and up) and disabled tenants.

More on the specifics of this bill will be coming soon. The bill still must be signed by Mayor Bowser and approved by Congress before it can become law.

Again: This bill is not yet law.

However, the bill passing through the Council is an enormous victory for homeowners, buyers, sellers and affordable housing in the District.

We’d like to thank to the hundreds of homeowners, buyers, sellers and other interested residents who came out time and again to show their support for this exemption.

We’re not quite there yet, but we’re closer than we’ve ever been before to a common-sense single-family home exemption. Stay tuned for more!

9 Responses to “TOPA Single-Family Home Exemption Passes Through Council!”

    • Bryan Frantz

      This bill should include all single-family homes. You can consult a real estate attorney for specific information on what that entails, or you can read through the legislation here.


    How will the current political climate affect its prospects in Congress?

    • Bryan Frantz

      It’s too difficult to speculate, honestly, as there are many factors at play. We’re cautiously optimistic about this bill getting approved by both the Mayor and Congress, but one step at a time!

  2. Villa411

    When is the expected time frame that the bill will be in front of the Mayor for signing? What is then the time line for it to be in front of Congress?
    Finally, if those two sign and pass the Bill, Is the new TOPA law effective immediately or do you anticipate a lead up future date for it to take effect?


    • Bryan Frantz

      We don’t know for sure on any of those things. These things vary significantly, so it’s more or less a guessing game as far as timelines go. Once more information is available, we will provide it.

  3. Mike Callahan

    Any idea on timeline moving forward? I was under the impression that the Mayor had to sign within business days after the second hearing. Following his signing, the bill will then sit before Congress for 30 days. Thus, are we looking at an effective date of late May / early June??

    Does anyone have any insight??



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