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A man bought a condo in Brentwood many years ago. He later moved out of the city, but he wanted to keep the condo by renting it out. Years later, he wants to sell the condo, and he contacted a REALTOR® to help him with the process.

The REALTOR® was unable to get into the condo because the tenant would not respond. The REALTOR® eventually went to the condo with the property manager, after the property manager had given the requisite 24-hour notice, only to find the condo an absolute disaster.

The tenant then claimed he wanted to buy the condo, though he had not proven financially capable of doing so. The condo owner needs the money from the sale, but he cannot sell it until the TOPA deadlines have come and gone, and by the time that happens, the market might be in worse shape, costing him a great deal of money.


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