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DCAR Members,

This is Colin Johnson, the 2017 DCAR president. I’m reaching out to you today to express my concern and condolences for those suffering in and around the Houston area this week. This catastrophe is not only an unspeakable tragedy, but also a time for us to unify and show our humanity, not just as REALTORS®, but as people.

There are two things I ask you to do, both of which can help people who are facing complete devastation.

First, the REALTOR® Relief Foundation is accepting donations that will go toward helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. I strongly encourage you to donate anything you can spare, as every dollar can help save a life. You can donate to the REALTOR® Relief Foundation here.

Second, we need to remember this tragedy doesn’t go away with the water. The victims of Hurricane Harvey have a long, difficult journey ahead of them, just as victims of Hurricane Katrina are still recovering. Lives are uprooted, property is destroyed and income disappears.

Certain things can never be replaced, chief among those being the lives that are tragically taken in the storm and subsequent flooding. But for the millions of people whose lives have been impacted by this disaster, the least we can do is help provide a speedy road to recovery.

With the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) set to expire at the end of September, we could witness countless individuals and families left helpless, or homeless. Only about 27% of the costs incurred by this storm are expected to be covered by private insurance, due to the significant flooding Harvey is responsible for, per CBS News. For comparison, about 42% of costs incurred by Hurricane Katrina were covered by private insurance.

Without the NFIP, homeowners and residents will be forced to pay these tremendous costs, which will only increase over time, on their own. But with the safety net of the NFIP, those who have seen their entire existence completely altered by a single storm can at least receive some aid at a time in which they’ve never needed it more.

I urge you to help get the NFIP renewed by clicking here. This is a program that can help restore lives, something millions of people need now more than ever.
Thank you for your time.


Colin Johnson
2017 DCAR President

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