The DCAR Public Policy Committee has established two new task forces aimed at addressing the issues of greatest concern to REALTORS® and real estate professionals.

Affordable Housing Task Force

Formerly known as the Rent Control Task Force, this group is in the process of formulating a small housing provider campaign to illustrate the tight financial constraints facing housing providers. This group is looking at possible exemptions to the eviction moratorium, higher-than-average vacancy rates, operating expenses, uncollected rent and rental assistance for housing providers. DCAR wants to make sure our smaller housing provider are represented on issues pertaining to rent control-related measures.

Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs Task Force

DCAR has also established a task force to examine the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). Overall, DCAR members have had concerns with not only the efficiency at which DCRA operates, but also the accuracy of critical duties, such as inspections and housing violation notices. Our members are committed to providing safe and healthy housing and, without a simple regulatory system, it becomes overly difficult to maintain compliance with all the district’s rules and regulations. In the next few months, the task force is looking to make incremental changes to improve the agency and its operations.


We will keep you updated on the upcoming activities of these task forces.