Death, Taxes, And No Say – You Don’t Have To Take It Anymore!

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Tax Season can really get a REALTOR® down if they’re not prepared. Let us help you out! As DC residents, you are often left with the short end of the citizenship stick when you are forced to pay taxes and expected to accept taxation without representation. Why not join  us at the DC Tax Day Protest? However,… Read more »

Slicing The Pies – A Meeting With Budget Director Matthew Brown

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Balancing DC’s Budget is far from simple, but Budget Director Matthew Brown illustrated how it could be most easily understood at our recent Speaker Series. Speaking of money, Of course, we are talking about pie charts, specifically the DC Budget chart that adds up to over $11 billion. How does one jurisdiction handle a number like… Read more »

DC’s 2017 Budget On The Horizon

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As Springtime turns the corner, Mayor Muriel Bowser is prepping to release her 2017 Budget. One of the hot-button issues is the Mayor’s homeless shelter plan, which is going to take a lot of budgetary wizardry at $200M. To make sense of it all, Budget Director Matthew Brown will host DCAR’s Speaker Series this month. Budget Basics DC’s… Read more »

DC REALTORS® Braved The Chill For First-Time Homebuyers

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While temperatures continue to drop, DCAR refuses to flinch. We are too busy fighting for first-time homebuyers. A Bill in front of the DC Council could drastically reduce the recordation tax for first-time DC homebuyers from 1.45%* & 1.1%**  to 0.725%. This week, DCAR and individual members testified at hearing urging the Council to pass… Read more »

Legislative Alert! – Save The Date To Lower Taxes on February 10

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DC Council Hearing

What is the call for action? Take a field trip with DCAR to the DC Council. The Council’s Committee on Finance and Revenue will be holding a public hearing on the “First-Time Homebuyer Tax Benefit Amendment Act of 2015,” and we need you there. This significant piece of legislation could lower the recordation tax for first-time… Read more »

A Night To Remember!

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Who Is DCAR’s New President & Board Of Directors? DCAR is confident that our future lies in the capable hands of the 2016 Board of Directors. Lead by President Angela Jones, the Board will guide DCAR’s advocacy efforts throughout the year. Your Board also includes Immediate-Past President Ed Wood, President-Elect Colin Johnson, Secretary Chris Suranna,… Read more »

Legislative Alert: Rentals, Vacant Properties and Condominiums

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Three recently introduced bills could impose a number of new rules on residential leases, condominium associations and the exemption process for vacant/blighted properties. DCAR wants to ensure you are fully informed on their implications. Please take a look at the bulleted outline below, as well as the more detailed ‘Policy Brief’ in PDF form. We… Read more »

Checking Out What’s On DCAR’s And NAR’s Docket

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Today we are briefly touching on a few of the legislative priorities NAR and DCAR are handling for 2016. House Passes Transportation Bill Without G-fees On November 5, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a landmark highway and transit bill. The 6-year, approximate $340 billion highway and transportation legislation includes an NAR… Read more »