How to Reach Us

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HOW TO REACH US Those of you who have been in contact with us before might have noticed in our Contact Us page a few new email addresses. For example, DCAR staff members have traditionally had an email address format of first initial + last name [at] Those email addresses are still active, as… Read more »

Non-Paying Tenant Holds Up Sale for 2 Years

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A single-family home was split into two smaller properties awhile back. A couple was interested in buying both properties and restoring it as a single-family unit. When they put in their bid, one of the properties was vacant, and a single tenant resided in the other. The seller attempted to evict the tenant, who had… Read more »

TOPA Scares Potential Homebuyer Away From DC

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A woman was looking to purchase her first home, and she wanted to buy in the District. However, she travels frequently and planned to rent her home out while she was out of town. A friend informed the woman about TOPA, and after some research, she promptly changed her mind and purchased a home in… Read more »

Condo Sale Delayed 6 Months Due to TOPA

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A woman was renting an apartment in DC. She was interested in purchasing a one-bedroom condo, with parking, in that same building, and one came on the market. She put in an offer for several thousand dollars more than the asking price, and the owner, who was out of the country, accepted it immediately. On… Read more »

Couple’s Move Held Hostage by Tenant

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A couple is currently renting out their one-bedroom loft out while they’re out of the city. They want to purchase a new home for their growing family, but they cannot finance the new house until they sell their condo in DC. However, the tenant is refusing to leave the condo, which is allowed under the… Read more »

Family Can’t Afford to Buy Out Tenant, Loses House

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A family was under contract to purchase a home in Brookland on a short sale. The short sale was approved and the tenant moved out of the house, but she refused to assign her TOPA rights without compensation. The sellers couldn’t pay, and the buyers were already maxed out on their purchasing budget, leaving the… Read more »